Procurement and Contracting in the Public Sector

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Public sector procurement and contracting is a critical area of knowledge for public officials in modern public management.

This course provides the essential knowledge and understanding for operating in a procurement function that involves contracting and collaboration. You will learn about how procurement works at the central, departmental and local levels and gain skills in understanding contracts and how to improve the contracting function and collaboration.

Who should attend:

This course will benefit those finding themselves in or associated with procurement for the first time; in a contracting function with little contracting experience and those new to the public sector, working with or in procurement related roles.

Learning objectives:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the role of procurement and how it works in the public sector
  • Analyse and understand contracts that involve public sector goods and/or services
  • Gain an understanding of the wider role of procurement in terms of policy approaches
  • Synthesize how procurement, contracting and collaboration are mutually supportive and gain enhanced skills in contract management

Course outline:

  • Introduction to procurement and contracting
  • Recognizing challenges and responding to contracting issues
  • Understanding your role in procurement and contracting
  • How to engage and improve with collaboration

Course format:

With a maximum of 16 participants, the course will combine interactive presentations by the presenter, small-group work and case studies. The teaching is based on an active approach, whereby lecturer and students work together to engage in learning.


Barbara Allen

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