Enhancing Organisational Trust

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This one-day interactive workshop enables participants to enhance and grow organisational trustworthiness. It discusses the psychological building blocks of trust relationships, and identifies the interventions that can be used within an organisation to build trust both internally and externally. It presents participants with a decision-making framework to identify and help select the right interventions for the agency.

Who should attend:

This course is applicable for public, private and NFP sectors. It is applicable to all organisations that want to grow their own levels of trust even further. It is not intended as a diagnostic to identify troubled agencies.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the psychological building blocks of trust relationships
  • Understand the dangers of using trust-building as a technique for manipulation
  • Discuss a range of real-life interventions that have been successfully used to enhance trustworthiness
  • Evaluate what types of interventions can build organisational trust and when to use them

Course outline:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • What are the building blocks of trust relationships?
  • What is the downside of trust?
  • How do we develop organisational trustworthiness?
  • What trust Interventions have been used successfully elsewhere?
    • Case studies from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Turkey Narrative
  • How do we select and embed trust Interventions?
  • What will this mean for your agency?

Course format:

This interactive course will have a maximum of 16 people. There will be opportunities to reflect on materials and how it relates to your organisation.


Michael Macaulay


“Michael is honestly the best workshop presenter I’ve ever had. He was engaging and adapted the work program as we went to meet our needs; he encouraged participation and properly understood the content. Thanks Michael!”

“Michael Macaulay is a brilliant lecturer. He made every topic so engaging and created an environment where (almost) everyone in our stream contributed to discussion in class.”

“Michael is fantastic. Very engaging and encourages participation from students.”

“Michael Macaulay has been truly inspirational and generous with his time and energy to each of the teams. His willingness to share his own personal story was admirable and he sets the bar for facilitation and as an exceptional subject leader.”

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