Becoming a Dynamic Leader

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Do you want to build your leadership confidence, combat ‘imposter syndrome’, and bring greater authenticity to interactions with public, media, work colleagues and clients? Learn how to build greater presence, confidence and connection as a leader.

This two-day course offers techniques and skills to unify the body’s message with what you are saying as a leader. It will help build emotional intelligence and offer insights into reactive patterns and limiting assumptions that get in the way of authentic leadership. It will enhance your leadership confidence, self-awareness and dynamism.

Who should attend:

This course will appeal to both new and experienced leaders who work at all levels of organisations including team leaders, managers, teachers, politicians, board members and people in business.

This course is a great next step for those who have attended Angie’s course, Confident and Creative Presentation Skills.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn skills that will build leadership presence
  • Investigate how emotions affect decision-making
  • Understand the importance of self-awareness and its relationship to leadership performance
  • Develop and articulate a leadership purpose
  • Apply skills learned in the course to a range of leadership exchanges

Course topics:

  • Maintaining balance and clarity when faced with conflict
  • Developing spontaneity within a prepared scenario
  • Harnessing nerves and dealing with resistance
  • Building a sparkling dynamic into presentations as a leader
  • Acquiring skills of breathing, eye-contact and physical stance to enhance presence
  • Maintaining authenticity through heart, mind and body.

Course format:

This is an interactive two-day course where participants will be involved in a variety of activities for learning. These include small and large group discussion, physical and vocal warm-ups, brainstorming, delivering small presentations, role play, receiving feedback, leading in small and large groups and storytelling.


Angie Farrow


"Fantastic tutor – we went in the course expecting to learn about Power point presentations and how to deliver a good presentation. But we learnt more about ourselves and how to bring what we have and the passion that we possess to infect those listening to our presentations. We learnt eye contact and how to connect with our audience, strategies in presenting to a small or large audience, body language, to breath and be still in ourselves to bring focus to us as speakers rather than deflecting focus to something external e.g Power Point. We learnt how to slow down our speech and create a story with meaning and bring feeling to what we say…" - Confident and Creative Presentation Skills participant.

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