Project Governance as a Leadership Tool

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Project governance is a key leadership capability, yet few leaders come to the position with experience or having had any development in this. Too many projects fail and in the majority of cases this is due more to human failings rather than errors in the process. Project Sponsors, Senior Responsible Owners and Steering Groups focus on the process rather than the people and behaviour.

The one-day practical workshop provides you with an emphatic overview of the common behavioural patterns associated with project failure and provides real-world solutions. It is based on research, observation and ‘lessons learned’ from around the globe to provide learning and insight into project behaviour and how to correct it.

Who should attend:

Those who will benefit from this course are Leaders who are, or are likely to become, SROs, Project Sponsors, and members of Advisory Boards, Steering Committees and Working Groups responsible for the governance of projects or programmes of work.

Learning objectives:

The one-day course is unique and provides an intense exposure to the behavioural aspects of Projects and Steering Groups, topics covered include:

  • Examine the Why? What? and How of Steering Committees?
  • Discuss project failure modes and the link to behaviours
  • Identify and prevent the early onset of dysfunctional behaviour
  • Recognise behavioural patterns n and how to respond.

Course outline:

Why are we here

  • What is a steering committee - raisons d'être
  • Why have a steering committee – exercise
  • The concept of business value -the real raison d'être.
  • The project manager & the steering committee – understanding the relationship.

Why do projects fail

  • Modes of failure: goal and vision, leadership and governance, stakeholder engagement, Team issues, requirements, estimates, planning, risk management and more
  • Decision-making – factors effecting effective decision-making
  • Games people play
  • Exercise: dysfunctional behaviour
  • Games projects play©
  • Dysfunctional steering group behaviours and examples.

What are the behaviours leading to failure and what can I do about it

  • Project-related dysfunctional behaviours
  • Examples, covering: misaligned goals, skills defecit, greenshifting, pressure build-up, scope creep, creating distance, led from the top, fed from the bottom, Ignoring risk … and more.

Course format:

Group size can range from 6 (minimum) to 16 (maximum).

This workshop is interactive and employs a range of learning styles: experiential exercises, case studies and small group discussions. The focus is on a practical application of the learnings gained.


Steve Griffin

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