Bullying, Gaming, Politics and Incivility: Combating bad behaviour through leadership

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Imagine a world where everyone is on the same page, everyone feels safe and the only tension is constructive and creative. As leaders we can spend too much time spinning our wheels and losing momentum because of the dysfunctional behavior throughout our teams and organizations. How much rework occurs because of organizational politics and personal agendas?

At the end of this course you will understand and recognize dysfunctional behavior. You will have tools to combat it so that you can release the potential in your teams.

Who should attend:

This course is for leaders at any level who:

  • Want to understand the behaviours at play in their organisations and teams.
  • Want to build highly productive teams.
  • Want to be highly productive leaders i.e. spend less time managing the team and more time leading the business.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize and understand the impact of bad behaviors for example incivility, deviance, politics and gaming
  • Gain practical insights and strategies into how to correct bad behavior and increase team productivity
  • Learn how Wisdom, Insight, Self-Awareness and Ethics (WISE Leadership) are the building blocks for effective leadership and productive teams
  • Learn how to apply sound principles and techniques to reduce the impact dysfunctional behavior
  • Understand how the principles of psychological safety, constructive dissent and authenticity are essential to building functional teams and establishing credible leadership
  • Learn how to establish the optimum environment.

Course outline:

The course covers:

  • A focus on the four most prevalent manifestations of dysfunction in the workplace:
    • Incivility (ranging from impoliteness to bullying to violence)
    • Deviance (Positive and Negative)
    • Politics (Mintzberg)
    • Gaming (Berne)


    • A practical introduction to Berne’s Transactional Analysis and the Games People Play.
    • A practical introduction to Mintzberg’s theory on Political Behaviour and Political Gaming in organisations.
  • How a balanced relationship between Process, Behaviour and Environment is critical to establishing:
    • Psychological Safety.
    • Healthy challenge and constructive dissent.
    • Trust, respect and transparency.
  • How developing Wisdom, Insight, Self-awareness and Ethics contributes to Leadership authenticity and credibility.

Course format:

Group size can range from 6 (minimum) to 16 (maximum).

This workshop is interactive and employs a range of learning styles: experiential exercises, role-playing and small group discussions. The focus is on a practical application of the learnings gained.


Steve Griffin

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