The Leadership Mindset

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Your leadership mindset is the way of thinking or frame of mind that you bring to your leadership work. In other words, it is your general attitude or mental state.

Your leadership mindset is important because it is a significant driver of your level of contribution and achievement as a leader. A positive mindset, for example, allows you to be more calm and present in the face of adversity, make more of your ability and the abilities of others, and be part of the solution from start to finish.

Even more important, however, is the effect that your mindset has on those around you. Consider this: What kind of leader would you rather work for? A leader who is consistently passive, close-minded, disengaged, doubt-filled, rash and gives up too easily; or a leader who consistently takes responsibility for their leadership, is open-minded, inspired, confident, applies good judgment and is tenacious in the face of adversity.

The answer is obvious. Unfortunately, most leaders, have never been taught how to unlock this capacity, let alone use it on a consistent basis for supporting success.

The Leadership Mindset focuses on helping leaders to:

1. Understand key mental skills for creating a winning mindset for leadership success
2. Recognise the ways they already possess such skills and potential
3. Apply these skills in practice more fully and more frequently


By attending this course you will increase your ability to:

  • Think and act like a leader
  • Learn what works more quickly and apply appropriate solutions for action
  • Be more strongly inspired and be more inspiring for others
  • Build high levels of confidence in your leadership and maintain that confidence in the face of ambiguity or adversity
  • Make considered decisions more easily and trust your judgment as you do so
  • Develop street-smart insights into the best options for action that are more likely to work in your world
  • Strengthen your perseverance and consistency of action in the direction of long-term goal achievement

Who should attend:

The Leadership Mindset is suitable for leaders at any level, and those in informal leadership roles, who want to:

  • Be the best leader they can be for the good of their team or organisation
  • Understand how to make the most of their abilities for leadership success
  • Strengthen the level of job satisfaction and personal inspiration that they derive from their leadership work
  • Be more confident in their ability to lead successfully, regardless of the level of challenge they may be facing
  • Strengthen the quality of their own judgment and decision-making

Learning objectives:

Learn how to:

  • Fully embrace the leadership role and take charge of your impact and contribution for the good of your team and your organisation
  • Maintain consistently high levels of physical and emotional energy regardless of the level of demand you may be facing
  • Define and work on your leadership goals in a manner that is inspiring for you and others
  • Strengthen your ability to build and maintain high levels of confidence and ‘switch it on’ in situations where you may have doubted yourself in the past
  • Remain deeply curious about your world and how it works (or not) as the basis for finding options for action that are more likely to work
  • Understand your own psychological blind spots, how they may interfere with judgment and what you can do about this
  • Remain proactive and determined in the face of adversity and challenge

Course outline:

The course covers:

  • The leadership mindset and leadership performance: Defining the leadership mindset, the relationship between mindset and leadership success, assessing your opportunities for mindset improvement, and the Leadership Mindset model
  • Crossing the commitment line: Conscious leadership, agency and choosing to lead; and the proactive leadership style
  • Energy management: Building and maintaining high levels of energy, at and away from work, and strategic energy management at work
  • Finding your inspiration: The power of inspiration, finding opportunities for inspiration, how to be quietly, and consistently inspiring for others
  • Cultivating confidence: Identifying your unique confidence strategy, remaining confident in uncertain or ambiguous environments and finding your confidence when you really need it
  • Leadership, curiosity and success: The power of remaining curious, letting go of perfectionism, and harnessing curiosity for better results
  • Courageous leadership: The art of doing what really matters, of doing what you should for the good of your organisation, even when ‘the going gets tough’
  • Making good judgments: Understanding how to make a considered decision, trusting your judgment, blind spot analysis, and strategic thinking in action
  • Putting your leadership mindset into practice


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