Organisational Coaching Skills (Live online)

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Increasingly organisations are realising that a command and control, top down approach to management and workplace conversations leads to dependence, learned helplessness and low engagement. Coaching techniques and powerful questions change the nature of everyday conversations and lead to higher levels of engagement, increased self-sufficiency, creative thinking and innovation.

This livestreamed highly practical course is an introduction to coaching skills for managers and internal organisational coaches. It will be delivered via Zoom through 4 x half-day sessions over two weeks.

Who should attend:

Managers at all levels who would like to introduce a coaching approach to their conversations with colleagues and team members. Also suitable for staff who are internal coaches supporting capability development within their organisations.

The course teaches foundation coaching skills, so no prior knowledge or experience is required.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what is meant by a coaching approach
  • Be able to use a variety of coaching tools
  • Recognise the difference between coaching and other interventions
  • Be able to conduct a short coaching session using a coaching conversations model
  • Use a coaching approach in development conversations; performance conversations and feedback conversations

Course outline:

Session 1: Introduction to Organisational Coaching and Foundational Coaching Skills

  • Introduction to the programme
  • What is Coaching?
  • What makes a great coach? Skills and qualities
  • Coaching and other interventions
  • Coaching and Performance
  • Listening and listening Practice
  • Questioning and practice

Session 2: The GROW model; Values and Beliefs; When to Coach

  • The GROW model
  • GROW practice
  • Feedback and questions, discussion on SMART Goals
  • Values Activity
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs and impact on Coaching
  • The Skill/Will Matrix

Session 3: Personal Coaching Styles; GROW revisited

  • Personal Learning Styles debrief
  • Personal learning Styles review and link to Coaching
  • GROW revisited
  • Corridor Coaching
  • Kolb’s Learning Cycle and Team Coaching

Session 4: Strengths-Based Coaching and Difficult Conversations

  • Strengths-based Coaching
  • Facts vs Perceptions Activity
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Online Coaching

Course format:

This course will be delivered as a livestream utilising Zoom to enable it to be highly interactive using a variety of adult learning techniques. The course will include brief interactive presentations, small group discussions (utilising Zoom breakout rooms), and plenty of practice drawing on participants’ own experience. Participants will need a desktop computer or laptop, mic and webcam, and a stable internet connection.


Paula Feathers

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