Leadership Fundamentals

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This engaging one-day course is for people who are new to a leadership role. You will build an understanding of what leadership is required today, identify your authentic leadership style and strengths, and build your confidence as you shift from being a team member into your first formally recognised leadership role.

You will learn tools and strategies to build on your strengths and navigate around leadership challenges to have the influence and impact you aspire to, as a leader.

Who should attend:

This course is for people who:

  • are currently in their first leadership role and want to strengthen and accelerate their leadership development and impact
  • have the potential to move into a leadership role and want to be confident and ready to step into this opportunity
  • have an informal leadership role, such as leading projects, and want to increase their ability to influence people and outcomes.

Learning objectives:

You will:

  • Explore what leadership is, identify the attributes of successful leaders and learn how these can be developed
  • Understand the context for leadership today, and the skills required of leaders to adapt to today’s uncertain environment
  • Identify your own authentic leadership style, including your core values, purpose and personal brand to build trust as a leader
  • Uncover and articulate your strengths to build your confidence as the foundation for developing as a leader
  • Learn practical tools and strategies to support your shift from a team member to a leader, including effective communication and influencing others
  • Recognise the importance of self-care as a leader to sustain energy, well-being and resilience.

Course outline:

The course will cover:

What is leadership?

  • Explore a range of leadership perspectives and attributes of successful leaders
  • Identify the difference between leadership and management

Our context – leadership today

  • Leadership in the 21st century, including leading through uncertainty and change
  • Everyday leadership and leading from where you stand
  • Leading diverse teams

Who am I as a leader?

  • Importance of self-awareness and self-reflection for leaders
  • Identify and articulate your core values, purpose and strengths as a foundation for developing as a leader

What’s my leadership style?

  • Clarify your authentic leadership style
  • The mindset as a leader

Communicating as a leader and leading through influence

  • Listening, questioning and importance of being clear about what’s expected
  • Who and how you need to influence to get results and make an impact

Looking after myself as a leader

  • How you build resilience and maintain your own wellbeing so you can be at your best as a leader

Leadership challenges

  • Apply insights, tools and strategies to common first-time leadership challenges

Action planning

  • What you can take away and do to keep developing as a leader

Course format:

This is a very practical course with time for reflection, discussion and exploration of leadership, and application of tools, tips and strategies.

The workshop is highly interactive incorporating a range of facilitation techniques including: peer-to-peer interaction, small group and wider group discussion, practical scenarios based on the participant’s real-life challenges and a take away resource workbook for ongoing and future reference.


Catalyst Pacific Limited, Holona and Trish Lui

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