Practical Resilience at Work

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Resilience is not only a critical factor in our success in the workplace and in relationships, but is fundamental to our wellbeing in the long term.

This course has been developed from best practice scientific research on resilience. It will equip you with practical tools to build resilience in both your professional and personal roles. You will learn the knowledge and skills to be able to perform well under pressure and “bounce back” from stress, pressure and change.

Who should attend:

Any professional who wants to strengthen their own personal resilience.

Benefits to individuals:

  • Understand the key skills and tools that are linked to improved resilience
  • Learn practical strategies to improve your resilience at work and in your life
  • Improve your productivity and efficiency at work
  • Enhance your sense of personal control and wellbeing
  • Develop an individual action plan for putting the training into practice after the workshop

Benefits to organisations:

  • Improved flexibility and adaptability at work
  • Stronger resilience through change
  • Greater optimism and ability to see the big picture
  • Improved working relationships with others

Course content:

  • Improving recovery to stress
  • Review of skills and strategies to improve resilience
  • How to sleep better, exercise more and improve your physical health.
  • Flexible thinking and optimism – how to think straight even when work is hectic
  • Skills for managing strong emotion under pressure
  • Better recovery from work
  • Maintaining resilient habits – how to turn good intentions into regular habits
  • Wellbeing tools to boost your happiness and life satisfaction

Course format:

This workshop is interactive and employs a range of learning styles. You will have the opportunity to try out some of the resilience tools during the workshop. You will also receive a copy of I've Had it Up to Here: From Stress to Strength authored by Gaynor Parkin.


Richard Whitney or Alannah Casey or Jasmine Harding or Stephen Kearney


"I attended the above course last week and thought it was superb. For a start, it reminded me that I'm actually doing pretty well in many areas (which was very affirming in its own right) but it also gave me a several areas where I could work on - and some very practical tips for doing so."

"I liked how Gaynor was flexible with the course content and canvassed the group for what was working and what they would like added."

"I think that today gave a great balance of practical tips and theory or academic background to why the tips can work. You can take away ideas and strategies to take back to the workplace. I can see how this workshop would fit into our organisation with huge benefit."

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