Managing People: An Authenticity programme

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This programme is only offered inhouse. Please contact us for more information.

The Managing People programme helps you as a new manager navigate the sometimes tricky transition from being an individual contributor to managing a team of people. As a new manager, you are likely to have many questions:

  • Who am I now?
  • Who's in my team and what makes them tick, where are they at and how do I move them forward?
  • How do I best communicate—when, why, what and to whom?
  • How do I encourage great team communication and cooperation?
  • How do I balance my own priorities?
  • And most importantly, Am I doing this right?

If you need to answer any of these questions and your role requires you to manage people, this is the programme for you.

The programme is taught over four days and one half day sessions with a follow up one-to-one coaching session.

What you can expect from an Authenticity programme:

  • You will be reassured that you have everything you need to manage effectively—you'll go through the process of discovering your own strengths and incorporate what you learn into your own unique style. Many of us think there is a right or wrong way to manage. Actually, the best way is to do more of what you do well, and be yourself.

"It's too easy for us to slip into these stereotypical mindsets of what an executive or CEO should be, rather than actually trust in who you are and be genuine and authentic as a person." Rob Fyfe

  • Your confidence and competence will increase by practising in a supportive environment and receiving constructive feedback.
  • You will learn through the process of self discovery, peer discussion and support. Research confirms that people learn most effectively when you "help people think better; not tell them what to do".*

Who should attend:
The Managing People programme is for new people managers with direct reports.

Learning objectives:
At the end of the programme, you will:

  • have insight into what drives our response to situations or events, and have new strategies with which to respond appropriately
  • develop the most important of the three dimensions of leadership—versatility
  • authentically build trust and rapport with your team
  • adapt your communication style to suit different situations, individuals and groups of people
  • use new tools and strategies to grow and empower your team members and make the most of their potential
  • motivate and inspire your team.

Workshop content:


  • Articulate your goals as a manager and plan to achieve them.
  • Experience the benefits of strengths-based development, and why focusing on ‘what works’, works
  • Uncover what creates our unique experience of the world, and how it affects how we respond.
  • Explore your personal values and leadership dimensions (assertiveness, responsiveness and versatility).


  • Identify your individual communication style, its strengths and challenges.
  • Communicate effectively with each team member in the way they need.
  • Discover whether you are people vs task and ask vs tell oriented.
  • Plan and design effective communication and one-on-one conversations.
  • Use the Problem Ownership model to assess appropriate communication strategies.
  • Use discovery questions and reflective listening to help others reach solutions.
  • Know when and how to be assertive.


  • Manage the performance cycle of each team member.
  • Explore different coaching styles such as directing, coaching, facilitating and delegating.
  • Set clear performance expectations for individual and team performance.
  • Learn coaching techniques such as GROW and CDR.
  • Have courageous conversations.
  • Give feedback constructively.


  • Identify your teams ‘stage of development’ and identify actions to move them forward.
  • Use different leadership styles and strategies.
  • Map your team members’ behavioural styles.
  • Build trust— the foundation for all relationships.
  • Experience what makes a high performing team, and what drives achievement.

Course format:
During each highly interactive workshop, you will learn and practise skills that you will be able to take into your work environment and apply immediately. There will be a theoretical base along with practical exercises.

After each workshop you’ll have actions to implement at work, using the skills learnt in the workshop, and have the opportunity to report back to your colleagues at the next workshop.

The programme will provide invaluable opportunities for you to get to know other people in a similar situation and share the experience of being a new people manager.

The facilitative style of this programme allows individuals to develop critical thinking and to take personal responsibility for their own learning in a highly supportive environment.

There is a half-day workshop at the end of the programme in which participants can invite their own manager along to share what they have learnt and celebrate their completion of the programme.

A one-on-one coaching session for each participant will be offered a month after completing the programme. You will discuss how to integrate what you have learnt into your role as a people manager.

Trish Stonestreet

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*David Rock, Quiet Leadership, 1 December 2007

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