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When stepping up into a people management role we tend to make it up as we go – taking our inspiration from the people who have managed us before. Without the time to stop and think about how we are doing things – we just have to get things done.  

This highly participative one-day workshop will allow you the space to think about how you want to manage your team, what you want them to do, why you want them to do it, and how you can make it happen. This course provides a number of key best practice management techniques - you will leave fully prepared to put these things in place in your own team the very next day.

Who should attend: 

This workshop is for anyone who has direct people management responsibilities and is particularly designed for those who are new to a management role.

Learning objectives:

By the end of workshop you will have:

  • a clearer understanding of yourself and your management style.
  • a way to reveal the personality types in your team, and a plan for maximising its strengths and filling any gaps.
  • clarity on your team’s purpose, what it needs to achieve and how to get it there – and a way to effectively communicate this to your team.
  • a simple process for managing and developing team members’ performance.
  • a plan for managing all team members’ performance on an ongoing basis.
  • effective strategies for managing your own workload.

Workshop topics:

  • Team purpose – clarify your team’s purpose and how it fits into the big picture.
  • Team goals – be clear on what your team needs to achieve.
  • Team expectations – ensure all your team members are clear on what is expected of them, and find out what they expect from you.
  • Management style – analyse your personality type using a simple 4-quadrant model and gain an interesting insight into your management style.
  • Team dynamics - analyse your whole team on the same model and discuss where your team’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Think about how to motivate and manage each team member.
  • Managing performance – know your role in observing, assessing, giving feedback and coaching your team members.
  • Managing your own workload – learn a simple way to delegate to free up your time and allow others to expand their skills.

Course format: 

This is an interactive and experiential one-day workshop with a maximum of 16 people.


Carolin Phillips and Helen Wise or Trish Stonestreet

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