Building High Performing Teams

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  • Is your team consistently achieving at the level you would like?
  • Have you ever had the feeling that something is getting in the way of better team performance, but you are unsure exactly what that is?
  • Would you like to unlock more of your team’s capability for results?

Building a cohesive and high performing team requires effective team leadership. Your choices and actions as a leader are critical for the success of your team. The key, however, is knowing when and how to act to get the best out of your team.

Building High Performing Teams helps you to understand the key levers for team performance and how to harness these for greater success.

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By attending this course you will increase your ability to:

  • Understand the requirements for successful team leadership
  • Assess exactly where your team is and the best options for team improvement
  • Make the most of the collective ability of your team
  • Work more easily with tricky team performance problems
  • Be more confident in your ability to lead your team successfully into the future.

A note for Public Sector Leaders - The Leadership Success Profile (LSP):

Building High Performing Teams maps strongly onto the following LSP capabilities:

  • Leading with influence
  • Engaging others
  • Enhancing people performance
  • Enhancing team performance
  • Achieving through others
  • Self-aware and agile

Who should attend:

New and mid-level leaders and managers who want to:

  • Deliver better team results 
  • Understand exactly where to act to improve team performance
  • Establish a learning and improvement culture in their team
  • Successfully navigate tricky team performance issues 
  • Apply simple approaches and tools for facilitating performance improvement.

Learning objectives:

Learn how to:

  • Appreciate the nature of the leaders’ role in fostering team success
  • Identify the invisible drivers of team performance and how they relate to your team
  • Create a clear roadmap for improving team performance
  • Build a strong working relationship with your team that fosters trust and commitment
  • Make the most of the individual and collective capacity present in your team
  • Coach the team to higher performance levels 
  • Address team performance issues so that the team returns to the high performance track quickly
  • Grow a self-sustaining momentum for team success that will continue beyond your presence as a leader.

Course outline:

Part 1: Team Performance 101

  • Team leadership and team performance: The team leaders’ critical role in team performance and what that means for your focus, choices and action
  • Team effectiveness: The three most important indicators of team effectiveness and how to make an assessment of the effectiveness of your team
  • Team coaching: Understanding your role in helping your team members to make the most of their collective talents and resources

Part 2: The Key Performance Drivers

  • Team purpose: The art of staying on purpose and keeping purpose in the foreground while working with your team
  • Team mindset: How to fostering collective confidence and resilience in your team
  • Team effort: Inspiring team members to give their best and be enthusiastic about making a contribution to team success
  • Team ability: Sparking the collaborative mindset and helping team members understand how to make the most of their collective abilities and collaborate successfully
  • Smart task achievement: Encouraging exploration and imagination in order to find better or smarter approaches for the challenges that you are facing

Part 3: Team Improvement Processes

  • Continuous learning: Creating a team improvement culture, building a positive team spirit and helping the team to understand how to make the most of their collective abilities
  • Team coaching: How to coach the team, as a whole, for performance improvement 
  • Conscious team building: How to create and implement team building activities that allow you to work with team issues and challenges in a manner that directly improves team effectiveness
  • Working with team performance problems: How to clearly identify the nature of a performance problem and develop the right approach for addressing it

Part 4: Putting it into practice: How to assess your team as a whole and make and make good judgments as to exactly where you should take action for the ongoing success of the team.

Course format:

This course includes a mix of stories, mini-lectures, self-reflection, small group exercises and group discussion. You will increase your skills through applying simple tools and templates that help you to understand your leadership and how to add value to your team, organisation or community.

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