Confident Leadership

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People prefer to work with leaders who lead from a strong foundation of confidence. Confident leaders build trust and optimism about the future and people thrive on that kind of positive emotion. Without confidence, leaders struggle to make the most of their abilities, to inspire others to step willingly into the unknown, and to be taken seriously as a leader of substance.

In short, Confident Leadership teaches you how to be more confident as a leader and how to use confidence to unlock the full range of your leadership abilities for better results.

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By attending this course, you will increase your ability to:

  • Move into action more quickly
  • Have a stronger sense of conviction as you do so
  • Contribute more fully to addressing the problems and issues that matter most in your world
  • Be more successful in tricky leadership situations
  • Deliver the results you are capable of.

A note for Public Sector Leaders - The Leadership Success Profile (LSP):

Confident Leadership maps strongly onto the following LSP capabilities:

  • Engaging others
  • Achieving ambitious goals
  • Honest and courageous
  • Resilient
  • Self-aware and agile

Who should attend:

This course is for leaders at any level who:

  • Want to be more confident in their ability to lead successfully, regardless of the level of uncertainty or challenge they may be facing
  • Want to learn to be more confident, more often, for greater impact
  • Have had significant expectations placed upon them and want to raise their confidence levels to meet that demand
  • Would like to navigate the challenges of an uncertain world without losing their confidence in the process.

Learning objectives:

Learn how to:

  • Understand the critical drivers of leadership confidence
  • Assess your current confidence levels and the most useful options for growing your confidence
  • Strengthen your ability to build and maintain high levels of confidence
  • Gain an understanding of how to ‘switch on’ your confidence in situations where you may have doubted yourself in the past
  • Learn how to apply a set of simple strategies for remaining optimistic and positive even in challenging situations
  • Be more proactive and determined in the face of adversity
  • Back yourself and your judgment more strongly.

Course outline:

The course covers:

  • Leadership confidence 101: Defining confidence, the relationship between confidence and leadership success, assessing your opportunites for confidence improvement, the Confident Leadership Framework
  • Foundations for confidence: The power of being clear about who you are and what you stand for as a leader, the power of focusing on others, and defining success in a way that supports your confidence 
  • Discovering your confidence strategy: Confidence patterns and how to understand them, rediscovering your success history, and identifying your unique confidence strategy 
  • Quick fire confidence: How to ‘switch on’ your confidence when you really need it, the power of preparation, the physiology of confidence, and the art of success visualisation 
  • Growing your confidence: Taking charge of your future confidence, confidence building strategies, and simple tools and practices for sustaining your confidence
  • Putting it into practice.

Course format:

This course includes a mix of stories, mini-lectures, self-reflection, small group exercises and group discussion. You will increase your skills through applying simple tools and templates that help you to understand your leadership and how to add value to your team, organisation or community.

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