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The ability to influence others is a key requirement for successful leadership. With influence, the people you lead are more likely to move forward in a collaborative manner and in the direction of your organisation’s important goals.

Your ability to influence is particularly important in situations where you don’t have formal authority or where formal authority simply isn’t enough to ensure that people will do what you would like them to do.

The Influential Leader focuses on the subtle art of influence without authority. The workshop focuses on the clever application of tools, strategies and approaches that help leaders to be highly influential, regardless of their level of formal of authority; and be more influential in those situations where it matters most.

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By attending this course you will increase your ability to:

  • Achieve your important goals
  • Be consistently influential in your important projects and relationships 
  • Map the opportunities for influence and be more strategic in your influencing approach
  • Be highly persuasive whether ‘selling’ involvement in a vision, a project or a new way of behaving
  • Ensure that others willingly give their best efforts
  • Navigate the sometimes problematic or challenging behaviour of others.

A note for Public Sector Leaders - The Leadership Success Profile (LSP):

The Influential Leader maps strongly onto the following LSP capabilities:

  • Leading with influence
  • Engaging others
  • Enhancing system performance
  • Leading at the political interface
  • Curious
  • Self-aware and agile

Who should attend:

Mid to senior leaders who recognise that their ability to influence others is central to the results that they need to deliver.

This course is also suitable for leaders who:

  • Are faced with the challenge of leading successfully without formal authority or where they know that formal authority alone will be insufficient
  • Need to ensure that everyone is ‘playing on the same team’ and going in the same direction
  • Need to achieve stronger buy-in, from a range of audiences or stakeholders, to ensure goal achievement.

Learning objectives:

Learn how to:

  • Understand the structure of influence and how to use this knowledge strategically 
  • Identify your current sources of influence and how to grow them
  • Strengthen your awareness of your core influencing skills and how to apply them
  • Increase your ability to be more influential in your most important conversations 
  • Identify clearly where your strongest opportunities for influence lie and how to make the most of them
  • Grow your confidence in your ability to be influential
  • Strengthen your influence in tricky situations
  • Apply simple tips, tools and tactics for influencing in a manner that is authentically you.

Course outline:

The course covers:

  • Leadership and influence 101: Understanding the nature of influence and the main characteristics and behaviours of the highly influential leader
  • Strategic influence and impact: How to think strategically about the opportunities for influence in your world, and which ways of influencing are most likely to be successful
  • The influence goal: How to be very clear about exactly what it is you are trying to influence – an attitude, a behaviour or an action?
  • Influence style: Understanding your own influencing style and how to turn this into a personal strength
  • Influence potential: Identifying your current influence levels and the options for strengthening these
  • Influence strategies: Understanding the variety of influencing strategies available to you as a leader and which are best suited to your influencing style
  • Clarity of purpose: The importance of being clear about who you are what you stand for, and how this supports your influence
  • Relationships and influence; How to be genuinely interested in the people around you, listen for deeper levels of understanding, and make the most of the power of reciprocity
  • Inspiration and influence: How to understand and connect with what most inspires the people in your world
  • Inviting action: How to craft a compelling invitation to act that people are more likely to say yes to
  • Putting it into practice: Taking your learning back to work.

Course format:

This course includes a mix of stories, mini-lectures, self-reflection, small group exercises and group discussion. You will increase your skills through applying simple tools and templates that help you to understand your leadership and how to add value to your team, organisation or community.

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