Strategic Change Leadership

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If good change management alone was enough, then all organisational change initiatives would be successful. Unfortunately, organisations don’t usually struggle with organisational change because of a lack of good change management. They usually struggle because of a lack of good change leadership.

The manner in which change is led is crucial for the success of that change. Good change leaders sell the vision, promote collective commitment and belief, ‘walk the talk’ and understand how to work effectively with the social and psychological responses to change.

Strategic Change Leadership teaches you how to approach change leadership in a manner that will significantly improve the odds that your change initiative will be successful.

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By attending this course you will increase your ability to:

  • Be more strategic about the change from start to finish
  • Apply a more appropriate change map and a more powerful set of tools for leading change
  • Make smart interventions that keep the change moving forward 
  • Make the most of your change leadership strengths 
  • Identify and deal with the blind spots of change so that they don’t derail your progress
  • Inspire others to go above and beyond their job descriptions for the good of the change 
  • Work quickly and effectively with the range of responses to change.

A note for Public Sector Leaders - The Leadership Success Profile (LSP):

Strategic Change Leadership maps strongly onto the following LSP capabilities:

  • Leading strategically
  • Leading with influence
  • Engaging others
  • Enhancing organisational performance
  • Enhancing system performance
  • Leading at the political interface
  • Enhancing team performance
  • Achieving through others
  • Curious
  • Honest and courageous
  • Resilient
  • Self-aware and agile

Who should attend:

This programme is for leaders who:

  • Are faced with implementing significant change and need to ensure that it is a success
  • Would like to retain a strategic perspective on change from start to finish and be able to help others to do the same
  • Want to understand clearly why past change initiatives haven't worked and what they can do to ensure that it doesn’t happen again
  • Would like their own impact as a change leader to be more significant than it currently is 
  • Want to increase the ability of their organisation or community to change more easily.

Learning objectives:

Learn how to:

  • Appreciate the essential requirements for successful change leadership
  • Understand the limits and possibilities of traditional approaches to organisational change
  • Mobilise the confidence and commitment of others
  • Maintain a focus on strategy and impact throughout the change 
  • Apply your existing talents for change leadership more effectively
  • Develop a deeper toolkit of quick tips and approaches for responding appropriately to the challenges of change
  • Appreciate the psychological drivers of influence and change and how to harness these more powerfully to support your success.

Course outline:

Strategy, Leadership and Change

  • Key features of a successful change
  • Strategy in the context of change
  • Strategy derailers and what you can do about them 
  • Testing the strategic assumptions and the possible consequences of a proposed approach
  • Remaining strategic while in the middle of change

The Anatomy of a Change Leader

  • The key change leader roles, responsibilities, and capabilities
  • Being clear about who you need to be, and how you need to behave, in order to succeed as a change leader
  • The art of publicly ‘walking your talk’ around change

The Change Mindset

  • Building your own commitment, belief and resilience around change
  • Building collective commitment, confidence and resilience around the change

The Change Process

  • Understanding the strengths and limitations of your current change approach 
  • Creating a change process that works with the realities of your unique circumstances 
  • Reading the systemic or macro responses to the change process
  • Strengthening working relationships as you lead the change process

The Psychology of Change

  • Understanding the psychological dynamics of change
  • Creating readiness for change
  • Working with the emotional responses to change
  • Working productively with ‘resistance’ to change

Learning to Succeed

  • Developing the change ability of others
  • Harnessing the power of change-related feedback
  • Accelerating learning in relation to the change

Course format:

This course includes a mix of stories, mini-lectures, self-reflection, small group exercises and group discussion. You will increase your skills through applying simple tools and templates that help you to understand your leadership and how to add value to your team, organisation or community.

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