Māori Cultural Competency

Build your cultural competency and enable you to engage confidently with Māori.

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This interactive one-day workshop designed to build your cultural competency and enable you to engage confidently with Māori. You will practice te reo Māori pronunciation and learn some useful phrases for engaging with Māori.  You will also gain insight into fundamental Māori beliefs and knowledge of cultural etiquette.

Who should attend:

Suitable for all, but particularly designed for professionals with little or no knowledge of Māori language and culture.
Community organisations receive a 50% discount on this course.

Course objectives:

  • Pronounce Māori words with confidence
  • Greet and acknowledge people in both informal and formal settings
  • Introduce yourself
  • Open and close meetings in Māori
  • Learn etiquette for engaging with Māori on a marae and in a workplace setting.
  • Understand some fundamental aspects of Māori culture and society; historically and today.

Course outline:

Māori Language for the Workplace

Participants will learn fundamental aspects of the Māori language, including proper pronunciation, useful greetings and other polite acknowledgements, phrases for opening and closing meetings, and the use of Māori in written communications.

Etiquette for Engaging with Māori

Participants analyse and discuss key cultural concepts, beliefs and practices to answer the following:

  • What are the cultural concepts that underpin the Māori worldview?
  • What is the basis for these concepts?
  • How do they inform Māori beliefs and in particular beliefs regarding the environment?
  • How do these beliefs subsequently inform Māori behaviour?
  • How can I engage with Māori in a culturally safety manner?
  • How should I participate in pōwhiri and mihi whakatau (rituals of encounter, openings and closings used during meetings both on and off the marae)?

Course format:

These interactive sessions will combine teaching by the tutor with practical exercises. A booklet of course materials will be provided to each participant.  


Tania Te Whenua

Further details:
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