Delivering Data-driven Insights

This two-day course is for data professionals tasked with delivering insights from data to others.

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This two-day course is for data professionals tasked with delivering insights from data to others.  You’ll learn to package, visualise and communicate your insights in a way that will make them as useful as possible to your target audience.  This could include business intelligence, dashboards, infographics, evidence-based policy recommendations, reports and presentations.

Who should attend:    

Professionals who are already working with data (eg business and policy analysts, researchers, planners etc) but want to improve their ability to communicate insights from that data in a way that’s easy for others to understand and act upon.  

Learning objectives:    

  • Identify your target audience and demonstrate an understanding of their needs by selecting insights that are relevant to and actionable by them.
  • Compare alternative ways of communicating data insights and select the most appropriate for the target audience and insight.
  • Create deliverables, such as charts and graphs, tables, and infographics for communicating and visualizing the data insights.
  • Evaluate your communication of data insights to identify potential sources of misunderstanding or miscommunication and identify ways to make them even more clear and actionable.

Course outline:    

Day 1

  • Know your audience, including their context and background
  • Clarifying your objectives to ensure you are communicating the information that is most relevant and interesting to your targeting audience.

Day 2

  • Creating deliverables (eg charts and graphs, tables, infographics etc)
  • Evaluating the impact of deliverables

Course format:    

This course uses an interactive workshop format. Participants will have an opportunity to work on examples, including those related to their own work if they so choose, and should bring a computer.


Mary Ellen Gordon

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