Systems Thinking

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In a world of growing complexity, many of today's problems are the results of unanticipated side effects of actions by managers, policy makers and governments all over the world. ‘Systems thinking’ tools and approaches have been developed to help understand and deal with the complexity underlying business, economics, environmental, political and social systems.

This practical two-day course will focus on systems thinking approaches to strategic decision making. The emphasis will be on learning and applying tools that help you understand complexity, design better operating policies, and guide effective change from a holistic systems thinking perspective.

Who should attend:

Professionals, managers, analysts and decision makers from all sectors and organisations, including CEOs, CFOs and senior managers, will benefit from this workshop. This includes the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The course will challenge current ways of thinking, as well as approaches to strategy and policy formulation.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand Systems Thinking terminology and concepts
  • Examine how Systems Thinking contributes to Strategy
  • Learn how to apply Systems Modelling approaches to your work
  • Learn Casual loop modelling
  • Understand and apply Systems Archetypes
  • Experience a group model building approach to systems thinking

Course outline:

Day 1

9-11am            Introduction to Systems Thinking Concepts
11-11.15am     Morning Coffee/Tea Break
11.15-1pm       Systems Thinking for Strategy
1-1.45pm         Lunch Break
1.45-3pm         Systems Modelling for your workplace/sector - I
3-3.15pm         Afternoon Coffee/Tea Break
3.15-4.30pm    Systems Modelling for your workplace/sector - II

Day 2

9-11am            Systems Archetypes 
11-11.15am     Morning Coffee/Tea Break
11.15-1pm       Group Model Building for your workplace/sector - I
1-1.45pm         Lunch Break
1.45-3pm         Group Model Building for your workplace/sector - II
3-3.15pm         Afternoon Coffee/Tea Break
3.15-4.30pm    Conclusions and Action Items using Systems Thinking

Course format:

This is a two day course.  It uses an interactive tutorial style, including some lecturing, but predominantly small group exercises on systems thinking related tasks. The teaching philosophy underlying this workshop is that participants learn most effectively when they are engaged in applied learning tasks after being introduced to the theoretical material.


Arun Elias

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