Public Policy Fundamentals

This one-day course will introduce the stages of public policy development, implementation and evaluation.

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This one-day course will introduce the stages of public policy development, implementation and evaluation.  This includes an overview of the process, roles, tools* and key concepts. The course explores policy-making as both a problem-solving process and a political process.

The course includes a Q & A session with a former government minister.

Who should attend:

Those who are either new to the public policy environment, or work outside of the policy teams but need to understand how it works.  This could include professionals working in other areas of the public sector such as service delivery or from outside of government including NGOs, lawyers, consultants and private sector.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the policy cycle and its stages
  • Explore the key roles and rules that govern the development of public policy
  • Discuss key tools*, models, concepts and terminology used in the public policy world
  • Gain insight into how this all works in practice
  • Discuss trends in public policy and emerging practices.

Course outline:

  • Public policy cycle, process and terminology
  • Policy players – roles and rules
  • Overview of tools* used in public policy e.g. cost benefit, RIA, multi-criteria analysis, Intervention logic
  • Public participation: consultation processes, co-design, citizens juries
  • Practical exercise in commissioning a policy project
  • Emerging ideas in public policy eg Big Data, co-design

Course format:

The course will be run as a seminar with full opportunity for engagement by all participants. There will be guest speakers and experiential learning opportunities.

*Note: This course is not intended to teach you how is use these tools, rather familiarise you with what tools are used and when.


Derek Gill or Cathy Scott or Gareth Chaplin or Todd Krieble or Sarah Hogan

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