Restorative Practices for Transforming Workplace Culture

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Grounded in the paradigm shift of restorative justice, this workshop offers concrete tools to bring restorative practices into your workplace. You will learn how to build a group culture founded on respect, empathy and honest communication, as well as how to resolve conflict using a restorative approach.

Who should attend?

This course is for both managers and staff interested in transforming their workplace culture.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the restorative paradigm in the context of the workplace.
  • Be able to facilitate a restorative circle process to build healthy relationships and create a safe space for conversation when issues arise. 
  • Practice the restorative conversation model for resolving one-on-one conflict.
  • Form a plan to integrate restorative practices in your workplace.

Course outline:

  • Introduction to restorative justice and the restorative paradigm
  • How to facilitate a circle process
  • Circle applications (proactive and reactive)
  • Restorative conversation model for resolving one-on-one conflict

Course format:

This is an experiential workshop with a focus on the practical application of restorative practices. We prioritize relationships and having fun through modelling community building activities and using games and activities to teach important concepts.

  • Size: 10-20
  • Materials: Workbook with guides to assist you in implementing restorative practices in your community later on.


Haley Farrar, J.D.  


“It was one of the best training course I have done - very interactive.”
– Residential Advisor

“I fully believe that this is what needs to be taught throughout the rest of the country/world.”
– Residential Advisor

“Insightful and practical look into personal and professional relationships as well as the relationship with oneself.”
– Financial Services Development Facilitator

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