Trainer’s Toolkit: Essential Skills

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Do you want to develop your training skills? Do you want to improve your confidence levels at the front of the room?

Whether you train as part of your job or are asked to deliver the odd workshop, this practical one-day workshop will leave you better equipped to deliver training. You will learn a variety of training tools and techniques, and see them in action. You will then have opportunities to practice and gain confidence to use them.


By attending this course you will:

  • Grow your training skills to new levels, no matter where you start from
  • Develop a style of training based on your natural strengths
  • Build your confidence to feel at ease at the front of the room

Who should attend:

This workshop is ideal for professionals who need the essentials of effective training delivery as part of their job. It is particularly useful for ‘subject-matter experts’ who need to develop the tools to train others.

Learning objectives:

  • Use a logical, easy-to-follow structure for developing training
  • Understand how to meet the learning needs of participants
  • Learn and practice tools and techniques for effective training delivery

Course topics:

  • Creating a supportive learning environment
  • Setting up your training so everyone knows what to expect 
  • Using stories and examples to bring ideas to life
  • Creating simple, effective visual aids
  • Managing your participants’ energy levels with state changes
  • Utilising different learning styles 
  • Responding to challenging behaviour to maintain a safe environment 
  • Applying simple ways to test your audience’s understanding of your material 
  • Setting up, running, and debriefing training activities 
  • Encouraging active participation in group discussions

Course format:

This workshop is highly practical and interactive. We take a maximum of 10 people so you get one-on-one attention. There are multiple opportunities to practice and we follow each exercise with a feedback session. Participants are taught a constructive and supportive feedback model which they use to coach each other, which is another great tool for the workplace.


Helen Wise

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