Mary Ellen Gordon

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Mary Ellen Gordon cartoonMary Ellen Gordon is a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Victoria University. She is developing a research programme to study how organisations use data and how that affects their performance.

Mary Ellen has managed data in a variety of professional roles. She:

  • Founded and led the team that implements Apple branded surveys to support marketing of Apple products world-wide.
  • Headed research at Flurry, where she mined insights from app analytics data collected from more than a billion smartphones and tablets each month.
  • Dissected data coming from a variety of third-party data sources for Apple’s iAd group.

Mary Ellen particularly enjoys connecting theory and practice and bridging the gap between people who are deep in the weeds of data and people who need to make organisational decisions. She is a technology enthusiast, being an early adopter of Web surveys (starting in 1995), online education (starting teaching online in 2000), and conducting research in virtual worlds (starting in 2006, see:

Mary Ellen holds a Ph.D., M.B.A., and B.Sc. in marketing, and has published data-intensive academic research on topics including Internet marketing, marketing education, and strategic alliances. She was formerly a full-time staff member at the University of Canterbury and has also taught courses for Waikato University, Cardean University, Educasia, and the University of Massachusetts.

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