Allanah Casey

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Dr Allanah Casey
PhD (Psychology), PGDipClinPsych, MnZCCP
Registered Clinical Psychologist 

A strong committment to translating the empirical evidence of clinical psychology into practical strategies ensures that Allanah assists people to define and achieve their wellbeing goals.

Allanah’s professional career as a clinical psychologist has developed from her background in the both the public health system and the Department of Corrections. This experience alongside specialist training to help people change entrenched behaviour patterns allows Allanah to work effectively with people who feel stuck with longer term problems, including changing unhelpful personality characteristics. Throughout this difficult work Allanah actively works with clients to maintain their motivation and engagement, successfully achieving their goals.

Allanah’s doctoral thesis and involvement in a New Zealand longitudinal research study provide her with a deep understanding of the factors that influence resilience, especially when people are experiencing highly challenging circumstances. Her previous academic experience tutoring and lecturing ensures a strong knowledge base underlies her practice.

Passionate about positive psychology Allanah brings her personal and professional strengths to Umbrella’s clients providing workshop facilitation and psychological services in the form of psychological assessments, psychological support and coaching.


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