Steve Griffin

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Photograph of Steve GriffinSteve Griffin
Trainer, Coach and Speaker
MBA, BSc (Hons)

Steve is a proven Leader. Over the past 40 years, Steve has been a military leader in war and in peace, a senior business leader in a highly competitive industry and a strategic consultant.

He understands mission criticality and the contribution that high performance brings to achieving success. Moreover, he knows the importance of functional behaviour. He also has a keen interest in effective governance of programmes and projects.

Some of the hardest lessons he has learnt have shown him that leaders need the insight to understand the 'what', self-awareness to understand the 'how', a strong moral compass to understand the 'what happens when ...' and wisdom to answer the question, “I know I can, but should I?”

However, his passion and obsession are focussed on removing the damaging effects of dysfunctional behaviour in our businesses and organisations. He has his own Leadership Practice and is a skilled and proven trainer/coach working with clients in both the private and public sector. In his spare time, he is writing a book on the impact of dysfunctional behaviour and how leadership is the solution.

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