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Dave GreenbergPhotograph of Dave Greenberg
Consultant, Grad Cert Emergency Management

Dave Greenberg is the sole director of Emergency Preparedness Services Ltd., a Wellington-based Emergency Management consultancy. He has been a CIMS instructor since 2014 and currently delivers CIMS 3rd edition training for several government and non-government agencies. Dave has been involved in the emergency services and emergency management since 1975.
Originally from New York, Dave has been in in New Zealand since 1990 and has spent 25-years as a crew member on the Wellington-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter. During this time he also served 15 years as Operations Manager or Crew Chief. More recently he has been a crewman on a firefighting helicopter during the recent Australian Fire season.
Over the last five years Dave has developed and facilitated 22 inter-agency Mass Rescue Exercises in all Police Districts from Northland to Southland. These exercises tested each district’s response to a major event, using CIMS as the incident management system.

Website: www.epscims.co.nz

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/rescuedave-nz/

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