Geoff Pearman

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MA(Hons 1st), BA, Dip SWk, Cert Contg Ed, Lth.

Geoff is an experienced manager, trainer and facilitator, recognised for his strategic and future thinking skills, his ability to initiate and implement complex organisational change and to develop innovative approaches to programme and service delivery.Presenter Photo

He has worked in university, government and human services sectors. He is currently working in the field of organisational and workforce development and is contracted to a major government agency having developed their workforce capability strategy. He is also consulting with a number of clients using engagement approaches to inform strategic developments. In 2005 he received a prestigious fellowship to investigate stakeholder engagement in the USA. He has spoken at a number of conferences and has run workshops on stakeholder engagement. Geoff is regarded as a thought leader in the field of stakeholder engagement and has recently developed the 6F Toolkit.


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