Arun Elias

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Arun EliasArun is Associate Dean (International and Accreditation) at Victoria Business School and until March 2017 was the Director of MBA and Post Experience programmes. His main research interests are in the areas of stakeholder management, systems thinking and modelling, and environmental conflict management.

Arun's PhD was on the analysis of stakeholder dynamics in environmental conflicts, using a systems thinking and modelling approach. He used the Wellington Transmission Gully motorway project as a case study. He has been teaching in Victoria University since 1999.

Academically, Arun has two Masters degrees - one in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and the other in Agricultural Engineering from Allahabad University, India. Professionally, he has worked in industry - as an Industrial Engineer with the Indian industrial giant, Tata Iron and Steel Company, in academia - as a lecturer with Allahabad University and in R & D - as an Agro specialist in Sustainable Agriculture with UPASI -an Indian NGO.

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