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Stephen Cummings is Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Victoria University. He holds, or has held, visiting or adjunct positions at Warwick Business School, ENPC Paris, Ecole Hassania Casablanca, the University of Melbourne, Stockholm University and Trinity College Dublin. He is the author of several books on creativity and strategy, including Recreating Strategy (Sage, 2002), Images of Strategy (Blackwell, 2003), Creative Strategy: Reconnecting Business and Innovation (Wiley, 2010), The Strategy Pathfinder (Wiley, 2011) and the Handbook of Management and Creativity (Edward Elgar, 2014). Many of these have been translated into Chinese, Korean and Russian. His latest book Strategy Builder: How to create and communicate more effective strategies, with illustrations from Wellington company Visory (Wiley, 2015), shows how it can be more effective to draw a strategy than to write or speak it.

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