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Lawrence Green, MCA (BPSS), MPhil (Psychology), BCA (Hons), BComLawrence Green photo

Lawrence Green is a sought after professional speaker, author, and leadership specialist with over 20 years’ experience in developing people and 15 years’ experience in working directly with leaders and the challenges of leadership. He has worked extensively with the university, government, community and SME sectors; and in his consulting practice his current focus is on delivering long-term leadership development programmes and executive coaching for senior leaders.

Lawrence brings a diverse range of perspectives to the challenge of leadership success. These include his own experiences as a leader, his early work as a sport psychology consultant, his hands-on work as a leadership specialist, and 10 years as a postgraduate management lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington. In his time at Victoria, Lawrence focused on the areas of organisational behaviour, leadership and executive development. He is also a past winner of the teaching prize for ‘The most stimulating and challenging paper in the Faculty of Commerce’ for his course Leadership and Change in the Public Sector.

Lawrence is particularly interested in helping leaders develop their own unique leadership style, while drawing on the best that both practical and research-based approaches to leadership have to offer. His uniqueness as a teacher lies in the way he presents powerful insights and ideas in an entertaining, inspiring and practical way.

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