Angie Farrow

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Dr Angie Farrow, Associate Professor in English and Expressive Arts, School of English and Media Studies, Massey University. Ph.D in Drama (Exeter University, UK), M.Ed (Exeter University, UK), B.Ed (Warwick University, UK).

Angie Farrow has a reputation in New Zealand and the UK for her dynamic and inspirational facilitation skills. She works with individuals, building on their unique qualities, and providing them with techniques to give lucidity and dynamism to their performance. She is gifted at helping the most reticent student to find confidence and to deal with their nerves. Angie's approach is based on many years of working on professional presentations in the business and educational sectors.

People have described this course as 'life-changing', 'totally enriching' and 'inspirational'. If you want a course that will provide invaluable skills for life, promote confidence, and provide strategies for dynamic communication then this may be one that you can't afford to miss.

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